Production Environment

Recircle SA Production headquarters are located in the Wadeville Industrial Area,  Johannesburg , South Africa. The modern workshop has advanced equipment that meet GMP standards. All equipment, instruments, and facilities follow strict validation protocols, periodic calibration and maintenance, ensuring good operation and the continuous and stable supply of safe and high-quality Mucopolysaccharide sodium.

Recircle SA’s has made a significant contribution to the technological progress of South Africa’s pharmacy industry and export capabilities. facilities also practice energy conservation and emission reduction as environmental Stewardship is very important to Recircle SA as we have quality Management system is world class.  The company’s employees are dedicated to Quality Management.  The company established a scientific, strict, comprehensive quality prevention and assurance system.

Recircle SA quality management system covers every aspect of the manufacturing and distribution process- raw material, storage, production, testing, logistics, validation, and training, Recircle SA’s quality system ensures the company can continuously supply Mucopolysaccharide sodium which meets current pharmacopeia and monographic quality requirements.

Mucopolysaccharide sodium nonirritant is confirmed through human body skin, can moisture content of the skin, increase skin elasticity, improve wrinkle, reduce skin enlarged pores number, skin moisture-keeping, smooth microgroove, compact skin and delaying aging effect of the skin. 

The composition can be any form, as can be formulated into toner (toner), gel, washing liquid, fluid cream, or emulsifiable paste. Composition can be packaged in appropriate containers to coordinate the desired use of its viscosity and consumer

Some of the products that uses Mucopolysaccharide sodium is Murad Firm and Tone Serum for CelluliteFusion Beauty Lip Fusion Color ShineGloTherapeutics GloSuper SerumDermaSilk Miracle CreamBlistex Deep Renewal.